Why us? Our Vision and Philosophy

Why work with Ducon?

In everything we do we believe that good isn’t good enough, it has to be great.

Building is about making the intangible tangible. We understand that your goals – the essential ingredient in the entire process – are fragile commodities that need guidance and safeguarding. With Ducon, they are always in good hands.

Our problem – solving approach focuses entirely on your goals. The solutions we provide not only make the difficult process of building easier for you; they make it better. Through clear and open communication, a free exchange of ideas and the courage to think big, we never settle for things being good. The finished building and the experience of getting there must be great. Your goals deserve nothing less. 


Our Vision

In a world that tends to settle for less, we believe that everything can be better. In our work and in ourselves – we strive for greatness.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of building maintenance and project solutions in Victoria becoming specialists in more and more market segments; to transform the way building is done with solution based outcomes. Our vision and core values guide every single Ducon project, large or small. We know the work that we do today is better than the work we did yesterday. The work we do years from now will be better than the work we do today.

At Ducon Building Solutions we ask, “Is it good or is it great”?

Our Values

Staying true to our values is how we create our unique culture that supports our vision. Our values include:

Do it better

There’s always room to improve. In everything we do we’re guided by one question, "is it good, or is it great?”

Keep it simple

Forget complicated procedures and processes. We use simple systems that work.


Work openly to share your ideas and information. Together we can solve any problem.

Put people first

Take responsibility, be open, have tough conversations and treat people the way you want them to treat you.

Have fun

Enjoy the work. It’s not hard to achieve great results when you love what you do!